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Health & Safety

Emergency Assistance

For your safety, each suite is equipped with a Medic-Alert Call Bell System, located in both the bathroom and bedroom areas. This system will put you in immediate contact, 24 hours per day, with a member from the Health Care Team. Activation of the system is as simple as a pull on the cord. The Care Staff will ensure that your needs have been attended to immediately.


Our building is equipped with smoke and heat detectors, and a direct alarm hook-up to the Pembroke Fire Department. Fire alarm pull station boxes are located in the hallways and lobby.

Supples Landing has carefully developed a comprehensive fire safety plan in cooperation with the Pembroke Fire Department to ensure our resident's safety.

Our building is staffed 24 hours a day with exterior perimeter doors locked at all times. Our front entrance is the only exception to this rule, which is monitored throughout the day and locked at 9:00pm each evening. A doorbell is conveniently located between the entrance doors for use after the doors are locked.


Supples Landing is a smoke-free facility. All indoor areas are designated non-smoking.

Physician's Visits

Where possible, residents are encouraged to retain their existing family physician to ensure continuity of care. We recommend that your confirm with your physician that he/she will make house calls in the event that you are unable to visit their office.

Respite Services

Respite Care is available for short-term stays for those requiring convalescent care following a hospital discharge. Accommodation is subject to availability.




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